About Us

Perpiglia & Thomas is a luxe and all natural menswear brand, based in London. With strong influences stemming from Jamaican culture, flecks of South Italian and British roots and a large focus on 1940s style and culture, Perpiglia & Thomas fuses together the old with the new. Combining new contemporary fashion styles with culture of the past, Perpiglia & Thomas are dedicated to using the highest quality materials to create their masterpieces.

Designing clothes for the man that embodies style and sophistication, Perpiglia & Thomas use only raw and recyclable materials - particularly cashmere and yarn cotton deriving from the Caribbean - to create their ready-to-wear pieces. Infusing worldly cultures through satiable fashions, production of the brand is carried out in both England and in Italy, in an attempt to reroute production back to the EU. A heritage brand with all the fixings, their designs stem not only from a key focus on the Caribbean identity and its integration into a white British society, but also have a large focus on the founders roots.